Don’t Ignore These Common Kitchen Appliance Hazards

Fridge cleaning

Despite being one of the most useful rooms in your home, the kitchen is often referred to as the most dangerous. We all know that kitchens can be dangerous if we aren’t careful. It’s easy to cut your hand, slip on spilt liquids, burn yourself, and so on. When it comes to appliances, however, hazards aren’t so obvious. Although appliances are designed to assist your way of life, it’s best to remember that they deal with elements like water, electricity, and fire. Despite appliances being generally safe, proper knowledge and maintenance are essential to avoid potential hazards.


The frequency with which you clean your refrigerator including your icebox can become a big factor in how often it becomes dangerous. Sometimes spoiled food isn’t obvious. If you put other food next to spoiled food, everything will start to spoil. It is best to clean your fridge every time you restock – ideally once a week – with disinfectants or any liquid bacteria-killing solution. If you add food to your fridge, be sure not to overcrowd it either. If your fridge doesn’t circulate cold air as it should, bacteria will spread quickly. Not paying attention to its temperature is another way you can unintentionally spread bacteria. You should keep your refrigerator between 32° and 40°F and your freezer below 0°F, as microbes thrive at temperatures above 40°F.


If not handled properly, stoves can cause massive havoc in the kitchen. Although highly functional, this kitchen appliance can cause a lot of damage.

It is important to remember that stoves can cause harm, including fires. Forgetting to turn them off after cooking or leaving them unattended are surefire ways to put yourself or your home in danger. You can also cause a fire by wearing loose-fitting clothing, wearing jewelry that hangs low, wearing slippery shoes, or leaving long hair untied near a burning coil. If you leave the handles of your pots or pans on the outside, you might spill or even burn. Try to use the backburners as often as possible. Make sure the handles are on the side and away from foot traffic.


Aside from leaving food in the oven unattended, there are many other things we may unconsciously do that may prove risky when using the oven.

One of the biggest problems is failing to properly clean out your oven. If you don’t clean it after each use, or don’t clean it well, you run the risk of setting fire to your food. Another thing people do is use the oven as storage.

The heat is too strong to be toxic to your body, so you should always close the door immediately after removing or even testing food. Standing too close to the oven or leaving the door open too long when it is running are other mistakes you may be making. In addition, it is important to ensure that foods and the racks themselves are properly positioned before preheating the oven to avoid scalding or fires.

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